heroes from the 90s & now.
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- The DJ Producer
- Fierce Ruling Diva
- Frequency
- Meow Meow
- 141
- Designer Loops


►► F I E R C E _ R U L I N G _ D I V A ◄◄
FRD, also known as Flamman & Abraxas, also known as the Party Animals agreed to go back into the 90s for RETOX! Jeroen and Jeff created the techno/house label Lower East Side Records to release their own but also other quality talented producers. Much respect to them, and I never could end RETOX without them playing!

►►T H E _ D J _ P R O D U C E R ◄◄
For this edition of RETOX, Luke McMillan aka The DJ Producer is gonna fly the UK flag & go all out hardcore breakbeat - he'll get up to about 165 so transition will be perfect! You might know him from parties such as Thunderdome, Glastonbury, Glade, Dominator, Hardshock and whatnot. Expect a DJ Producer set but in 90's rave style - he's looking forward, it is a RETOX party, so don't expect the "usual" hardcore techno, but we let him play why he has started performing. A unique set you can not miss.

►► F R E Q U E N C Y ◄◄
Frequency - also a member of the Lower East Side family is more known nowadays as Orlando Voorn. He's done many things but moved late 90s to Detroit US and joined forces with UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE amongst others. He also owns Nighttripper records and Nightvision Records.
He's now back in Dutchieland and very very stoked he will play as Frequency for RETOX, as am I.

►► M E O W _ M E O W ◄◄
tom from the Netherlands is representing the evening with his crazy rave breaks, a young kitty cat that deserves more credit and what better way than to put him on this line-up? don't be fooled by his cuteness because his tunes will make your head spin & the best advice to this is: JUST JUMP & GO ALONG WITH THE MEOW-NESS.

►► D E S I G N E R _ L O O P S ◄◄
A collaboration between Jeff Abraxas & Orlando Voorn (Fierce Ruling Diva & The Frequency). Created in 1991 on Lower East Side records. Advanced House for Purists was their only 12" & RETOX feels very honoured that they will perform for the first time EVER @ this party. "You got to believe", don't miss it.

►► 1 4 1 ◄◄
Pascal, co-owner of RETOX has played every RETOX party before and will warm up the party as always. He's active in the DJ scene for a long time but feels at home while playing at RETOX. He played lot's of festivals abroad (Decibelio Madrid, Maschinenfest, Germany to name a few) and knows how to keep the crowd moving.